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Food for thought: photography
July 29, 2014, 8:39 pm
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“Sentences on photography by Torbjørn Rødland”

After rationalism and mysticism—twenty lines.

  1. The muteness of a photograph matters as much as its ability to speak.
  2. The juxtaposition of photographs matters as much as the muteness of each.
  3. All photography flattens. Objectification is inescapable.
  4. Photography cannot secure the integrity of its subject any more than it can satisfy the need to touch or taste.
  5. Good ideas are easily bungled.
  6. Banal ideas can be rescued by personal investment and beautiful execution.
  7. Lacking an appealing surface, a photograph should depict surfaces appealingly.
  8. A photograph that refuses to market anything but its own complexities is perverse. Perversion is bliss.
  9. A backlit object is a pregnant object.
  10. To disregard symbols is to disregard a part of human perception.
  11. Photography may employ tools and characteristics of reportage without being reportage.
  12. The only photojournalistic images that remain interesting are the ones that produce or evoke myths.
  13. A photographer in doubt will get better results than a photographer caught up in the freedom of irony.
  14. The aestheticizing eye is a distant eye. The melancholic eye is a distant eye. The ironic eye is a distant eye.
  15. One challenge in photography is to outdistance distance. Immersion is key.
  16. Irony may be applied in homeopathic doses.
  17. A lyrical photograph should be aware of its absurdity. Lyricism grows from awareness.
  18. For the photographer, everyone and everything is a model, including the photograph itself.
  19. The photography characterized by these sentences is informed by conceptual art.
  20. The photography characterized by these sentences is not conceptual photography.

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“Book Made Simple”
July 1, 2014, 12:00 pm
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via Errol Morris and Tarot Magazine.


“Works That Work: Making Magazines Today”
May 7, 2014, 3:50 pm
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Peter Bil’ak, imparting wisdom and inspiring thoughtful publications (via SVA’s MA in Design Research).

Forthcoming: “Zalmania – A Book Of Portraits from The Prior PhotoHouse”
February 1, 2014, 1:25 am
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Since I couldn’t be at the LA Art Book Fair this weekend, I’ll just drool over more books I adore. Pretty psyched about this forthcoming compendium of Israeli portraits from Sternthal Books.

For Future Reference: How Not to Organize Ideas and Content
January 23, 2014, 10:50 pm
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I was so appalled yet dually inspired by Louise Blouin’s rant to her (ex)freelance employees, many of whom she had laid off in December 2013, that I had to memorialize it. This jagged, nonsensical, tortured soapbox lecture left my eyes crossed. There is more to art criticism than the market. It has its place, sure, but enslavement to luxury seems like the quickest way to lose sight of any redeemable concept.

“Let me highlight what we have done and what we are doing and where we need to go then you can convey it to first our team and write an article

Lets org a call with all the editorial this week Robert can lead and discuss the CNN go model

By next wed please sort out the calendars by country of the must needs as to the must cover make sure this is done if we do not have the calendar from mags and online from auctions from galleries from fairs from opera film we will miss on the content and it optimization and efficiencies and double effort
We want one freelancer for opera how many big top operas
We want one for classical music for the top top
We want one for wine
One for jewelry nazarin Sonia katya
And we mix the writers with specialist voice francois cutie for ex for the auction we need to hear the market or Bennet who is Tom gem expert

Each time we write a story it needs to be linked video or paper online if it is top event
The video calendar should be of the top event and top artist covered as a bio studio existence and show something we can look at in 30 years
We should not go to interview without a written piece to optimize
Once a day we should have or more a video that is to be shared around the world by category
One top artist Interview wherever it is share translate in the world 30 minutes and 10 minute one short and long why because we are building artist page with many component it will have their videos so we need someone to call from India every institution we can promote their museum their catalogue raisonne
One day top designer other day top CEO fashion or top opera diva top and we should share around the world that video it is the video of the day

We have launched 20 sites next one is Middle East chili Switzerland ( run for now through Germany )
We have launched x dailies
We have launched bl
We r launching Chinese version
We have invested and will on eat more in video around the world

This is the product strategy that we have never said and being silent is good or not I can not worry about this as I like when product speaks for itself and I have been focusing on the brands

The future of content investing more in video
Searching for talented talent in the expansion of our various categories that are linked performing arts lifestyle

We are not to have a writer of performing arts say o can not remember what we wrote about carnegy and having non specialist write about dance
The strategy is more blogs which is only happening in ny and not many in other countries and specialist but voices less content but the best
If we have a translator in each country doing 10 ooo words
And we keep most at 200 words article it is 8 to 10 a day for a foreign site so this is a lot then u want to add but the top top with the best eye the best ear nothing but the best

To go to old master and see frieze masters in the home page is not goodink the old master Aa online link the experts to be stronger

One person doing all and not good we need less of one but many more
Having a wine person full time when we need one story feature a month is the way within 2 week pices with video every week

CNN go model and ft. Model spreading global with more specialist more video

This week whom in the world do an artist studio when wl be showed in the different sites

What I want is more video with top people one a week to two per country and New York more
One a day video is the biggest slideshow
I am going to close a deal with orange huge so be ready only top top interviews
Bruce Eric did we close Henry LOYRETTE do one video a month and one feature in mp
This is what we want less but top

By going with one top but less it work better and the key is to share

Museum shows at the met louvre …… Need to be covered they r the must

For ex egmont at 50 ooo versus
One video a week one feature and one story a week is 12 ooo and we can chage as we need and we can use differently

For the optimization to work
I will need exactly whom is covering when the auctions and work with all visual arts around the world what is important then we say what do we need to cover by video and have experts

The model we did at the start Benjamin and I worked when we had few sites but today
We have a lot of content 17 sites if you have one site it is 2 to stories a day plus freelance
34 stories plus big site have 5 a day
Calendar matrix auction museum fashion all by genre to share
Link museum shows with studios

To share across the board
Music classical and opera
Ballet dance
Jewelry …
All auction must be covered

Template on how to Microsoft be done for auctions museum performing arts film clippings

Maybe use for video a team that we can use in India

And I would like urgently the market info with graphs 5 pages in Aa and lots online

Editorial model
One bureau chief with a solid calendar Robert to help Ty with visual arts or fashion
One other for the big cities
Then the one offs
The key is one video in the world for top artist one top diva one top designer 5 days someone is shooting and sharing
A great Japanese designer is good to be seen by anyone same for music

Good luck


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January 18, 2014, 3:54 pm
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