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Pastor Paul
July 14, 2014, 12:00 pm
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Considering my love for all things extraterrestrial or unflinchingly spiritual, I wanted to share this super fly project written by and starring Jules David Bartkowski, shot in Ghana by the talented Adam Abada. Below you’ll find the trailer for the film, scheduled to premiere in December 2014.

From the project’s successful Kickstarter campaign:
PASTOR PAUL is a feature film that follows Benjamin, a white American tourist, as he unexpectedly becomes famous for (and possessed by) his title role as the ghost of an evangelical preacher in a popular new Nollywood movie.

Our film aims to conjure up and distort colonialist narratives of Hollywood films set in Africa. The vicissitudes of fame change Benjamin’s role in this location from an awkward and irrelevant tourist to the vessel for the spirit of a colonial missionary. The humor and pathos of this affliction will be drawn distinctively in order to embody and disembody the imagery we have of the white preacher in Africa. We want to explore themes of perception, performance, and the experience of cultural gazes moving in both directions. We watch Ben watching Africa until we watch Ben watching Africa watch him back.”



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