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August 13, 2013, 1:58 pm
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Back to the very beginning, starting off on a better foot.

I shall continue to use this outlet as a stream of consciousness, an archive of special things I see and discover. I am currently obsessed with this series of investigations on emotion by June Grabner called ‘Experts on Emotion.’ We are just about the only species that, despite our similarities, pursue individual paths respectively. Self-awareness is half the battle.


Evolution and Emotion

Universality of Emotion


Emotion and the Brain

Guilt and Shame


Unconscious Emotion

Neuroeconomics and Emotion

Morality and Emotion

Emotion and Resilience


Emotion and Cognition


Further watching (found via the series list here):

Culture and Emotion, episod 5.1

Self-Conscious Emotion, episode 9.1

Attention and Emotion, episode 12.2

Anxiety and Emotion, episode 17.1

Schizophrenia and Emotion/Personality and Emotion, episode 17.3 (2 parts)

Emotion and Social Media, episode 20.1

Social Regulation of Emotion, episode 14.3


New research done by Michael E. Martinez alters our understanding of intelligence, purporting that it is more fluid than initially projected. Salon featured an insightful excerpt from his newest book, Future Bright: A Transforming Vision of Human Intelligence, earlier this summer.  It is both a quick lesson on the layout of the human brain and exciting news about the flexibility of the organ itself. Check it out here.


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