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The Ideal Backyard Movie Theater
June 7, 2011, 2:08 pm
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I recently went to check out Rouge58, a gallery that opened in August 2010 in Williamsburg. Nadja Nebas owns the space and has facilitated a fresh insight into contemporary practice around the world. Born in Munich and relocated to New York, Nadja is aware of the vast artistic climate beyond the hip aesthetic of the neighborhood she occupies. A show of emerging art from Montreal was in the space when I first visited. I immediately attached to the varied collage work of JP King and Alan Ganev, and found refuge in Nadja’s bold, vibrant curating sense. The current show up at Rouge58 has new work and collaborations centered around photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya and his photographs of musicians and notorious personalities like Anna Wintour and Iggy Pop. The show provides a variety of way to incorporate the imagery into your life, including DIY posters, t-shirts, c-prints, and jigsaw puzzle compositions that can be assembled like Ikea furniture (so the press release says). I dig the variety of options, and the spectrum of possibilities for integrating a really great artist into one’s life.

Alan Ganev, 'F&B,' 24"x24" color print

Alan Ganev, 'F&B,' 24"x24" color print

JP King, 'Smoke Twice as Hard,' paper on paper, 2008

JP King, 'Smoke Twice as Hard,' paper on paper, 2008






The most recent excitement at Rouge58 are their weekly movie nights, going on at 8:00pm every Sunday night for the duration of the summer. Tickets are ten buckaroos, but the stadium seating outdoors and potential taco/Bushmills situation on the horizon was all I needed to completely sell me on this weekly outing. The first screening went down this past weekend and kicked off with a handful of emerging German cinematographers, co-curated by Jack Rogers. I’ve enclosed two of the four films below with summaries to whet the appetite for Nadja’s eclectic tastes and instinctual understanding of aesthetics.


‘A Furrytale’ Directed by Anniki Heinemann

[ A documentary which examines “The Furry” subculture by portraying the isolated life of a man who, when not as his corporate day job, lives in a furry wolf suit and only interacts with his dog.]




‘Tower Block’ Directed by Nikias Chryssos

[In a tower block, a young boy tries to escape his older brother’s sadistic games by living in
fantasy worlds and befriending a heroin junkie.]


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