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Hyperallergic invited me to contribute to their budding series, ‘How to be a Freelance Art Writer.’ In this first installment, I go through a few challenges and observations that I’ve made in the last year or so, which has been both wildly exciting and an existential climax concurrently. The article has been up for just under 24 hours and already we have some ageism, some highfalutin scholarly entitlement, and even a little praise (thanks, yall) making an appearance on the comment thread. Here’s a small excerpt to whet your appetite:

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“Quality over quantity helps me keep my tension at bay. I stray away from blogs that post superfluous, shallow content just to fulfill a quota. Such oversimplification of visual art can betray the conversational quality of art and deny any type of insight for those less than well versed. I think my most successful writing allows the reader to understand my critical stance as well as recognize the depth of content and context available for exploration in the art I write about. My goal is to get a reader, regardless of background or interest, excited about art. Art should stimulate or challenge the viewer, kick their ass, captivate their attention or surge and collapse like the tide. I’ll admit that a Platon photograph has made me tear up and Warhol’s portraits really turn me on. Art intuits a thought in the collective subconscious while lending foreign stimulation to the visual matrix. Technology has made art more accessible, but I want to revitalize the experience of art freed from subliminal noise and distractions. By writing, I want to reinvigorate art’s sense of worth amid the younger generation of iPad-toting, multi-tasking, preoccupied individuals. Sharing these visual discoveries feels like a civic duty, like donating a cigarette to a stressed-out stranger. Writing about art completes a karmic cycle.”

The full article can be found HERE.

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