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Residual Musings

The time has come for Procedural Musings to come to an end. My deepest thank-you’s go out to the artists who invited me into their studios, and oftentimes homes, to let me grill them and touch lots of pretty things. I appreciate it, and look forward to continuing to watch you all grow. Also, thanks to BOMB (Richard/Lena, Thank you!) for allowing me to generate such a stimulating column. Hope it was enjoyed by all!

My last installment is one of my favorite artists I’ve discovered since starting my excursion into the New York art scene. Isaiah King is a stunningly talented printmaker with a notable soul and passion for his craft. In conjunction with his clever and clean graphic design, he formulates images of extreme emotion that impose upon the viewer and induce aggressive questioning of limits, mortality, and cerebral movement. He is trusting of his hand and it shows. Check out the review, and definitely look at his his site for some more inspiration. He’s also working on AgitProject, a side-project of social commentary most recently focusing on the Egyptian uprising. Lastly, a few of his pieces will be at the Gallatin Galleries this month to reflect upon the Haitian crisis. It opens on February 14th.

Isaiah King

Isaiah King, 'Self Portrait (dripping),' 2006, lithograph

Isaiah King

Isaiah King, 'Self Portrait,' 2008, etching, 20" x 44", edition of 5

Isaiah King

Isaiah King, 'Reclining Nude,' 2007, marker and ink, 23" x 18"


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