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I just hooked-up with Like the Spice Gallery in Brooklyn and am going to be helping them out with PR. I’ve been a fan of the gallery for close to three years now after discovering it with Schmesi on one of the many Williamsburg art crawls.  The gallery’s most recent show just premiered on Friday and is open through December. Entitled Formal: A Dirty Word? the show explores form, formalism, and formal criticism in contemporary practice. An excerpt:

“Like the outpouring of zombie cinema in recent years, formalism has been criticized for hovering between crass and unsophisticated, remaining impossibly flighty. Despite their outward simplicity, they both unveil uniquely visceral reactions and challenge the viewer’s understanding of humanity. Controversy has surrounded form since Plato’s discussion of its “inexplicable manner.” Clement Greenberg deduced formalism from Abstract Expressionism, the highest art of the 1960’s in his opinion, a self-contained aesthetic experience of this world but inimitable otherwise.
Formalism currently navigates through the minefields of an extremely commercialized scene. Structural language translates into repetition and single-mindedness, reducing Minimal work to unqualified low-art. Somehow formal work has been sacrificed, quarantined to summer homes in New Haven or doctor’s offices.”

Check out the show, its great!

David E. Peterson

David E. Peterson

Allie Rex

Allie Rex


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