Contemporaneous Extension

Christmas List 1

I like the idea of having a venue of things, decorative and objective, that are on a wish-list of sorts. Call me needy, call me expectant, I think they’re still quite the conversation pieces. Here’s the first installment!

I’ve been thinking a lot about a chandelier/lighting options for my living room, here are some grandiose options.

Biodidactic Designs Laboratory Oil Lamp

Biodidactic Designs Laboratory Oil Lamp

This ‘Laboratory Oil Lamp’ is available on Etsy for quite a few pennies despite its simplistic design.  Its ambient, resembling a human heart and snapping me back to the ferociously discontented dark place of my experiences in a chemistry lab simultaneously.


Leitmotiv milk bottle chandelier

Leitmotiv milk bottle chandelier

(via freshdesignblog)

Absolutely love this idea. It brings me back to the excitement of discovering  a person behind the mystical milk appearing in my milk box as a kid outside my front door. Such a fluid shape, soothing and still manages to bounce the light.


Flora Chandelier by Tredicidesign

Flora Chandelier by Tredicidesign

(via thedesignblog)

First launched at the  Salone Internazionale del Mobile, this lighting apparatus utilizes light to feed the room and some blossoming life held within.


9-globe bubble chandelier, Lindsey Adelman

9-globe bubble chandelier, Lindsey Adelman

These beautiful orbs graced the Sex and the City 2 movie.  Its undeniably brilliant, coming in at just over $15,000. Adelman’s work deals with sphere shapes cohered and mismatched in various dimensions. Definitely on the wishlist for the long-haul.

Dream chandelier on ebay right now for $100. If only, if only…I have always wanted to live in a castle.


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