Contemporaneous Extension

Affordable Art III

Final installment from the fair! Twas so much to see!

Michele Mikesell was one of my favorites of the evening. The loneliness of her figures, the delirious want in their eyes and the emphasis on birds all caught my attention. There was way too much horse imagery at the show this year for my liking, but I always manage to overdoes on birds. Her most recent series, Hunters of Dreams, was so visceral, definitely a standout. The grounding power of a stoic glance never ceases to amaze.

Michele Mikesell, 'The Walkabout,' 2010, 24x30"

Michele Mikesell, 'Missed Flight,' 2010, oil on birch, 36x48"

Michele Mikesell, 'Chicken Dish,' 2010, oil on birch, 30x40"

Michele Mikesell, 'Chuck,' 2010, oil on birch, 5x8"

Erin Vincent’s curiosity boxes and collages were really vibrant, fun pieces. I liked the themes of travel and modernity running throughout, but the patterns didn’t quite always match up with the accoutrement added, like beads and buttons. Had a Bauhaus feel that was almost there.

Erin Vincent, 'He Flew Away,' mixed media

Although I know I literally just shit on the horses motif that made the rounds this year, I think Rob Tarbell was my favorite of these traditionalists. He uses smoke to generate images that look like the dawn, rising and fleeting.

Rob Tarbell, 'Loomis' Elephant ring,' 2008, smoke on painted paper, 40" x 50"

Rob Tarbell, 'Ride 4,' 40" x 30", smoke on paper on panel, 2010

Rob Tarbell, 'Ride 1,' 60" x 40, smoke on paper on panel, 2010

Rob Tarbell, 'Rabbit 14,' 15" x 11", smoke on paper, 2009


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