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Affordable Art Fair – Part 1

I had the opportunity to head to the Affordable Art Fair’s preview last night with a few comrades. I guess I have expensive tastes but the better stuff was hardly within my feeble, freelancer’s reach. As I meandered with my change purse, I found a few diamonds in the rough at the 7 West 34th Street throw-down. It’s going on through the weekend and I highly recommend checking it out.

Eric Rosner was a great find for me. His sketchy technique and focus on nature, NY buildings, and facial expression is halting. It looks so easy, so childish, but has a sophistication to it. He does work on canvas but has done graphics for print, murals/external paintings, and even found his imagery on pillows and glassware.

Quach Don Phuong is a Vietnamese artist represented by AiBo Fine Asian Art. This piece really stood out to me with the vibrant red roofs and the layering of shapes. It reminds me a bit of Schiele’s landscapes from Cesky Krumlov, but with more of a single concentration of tones.


Quach Dong Phuong, 'Hanoi Roof Top,' 2008, lacquer on wood, 25 in x 55 in

Michael Ledoux’s work stood out to me from across the room for obvious reasons. I’m a nerd for resin in general, and his technicolor cityscapes of globular walls and shifting streets are a pleasure. Although I must admit to usually despising his range of tones, they work for me here.

Marcelo Suaznabar is a self-taught artist (for the most part) that takes obvious notes from the Surrealists, utilizing oddities and pattern to create a world of his own within his paintings. His most recent work harks upon jesters, clocks, and the egg as symbols. I’m intrigued.

Marcelo Suaznabar, 'Untitled,' 2010, oil on canvas

Marcelo Suaznabar, 'Untitled,' 2010, oil on canvas


Marcelo Suaznabar, 'La Cama,' 2010, oil on canvas, 6 in x 6 in

Marcelo Suaznabar, 'Pez Musico,' 2010, oil on canvas, 10in x 10in

Marcelo Suaznabar, 'El Reloj,' 2010, oil on canvas, 10in x 10in

Dan Burkholder’s platinum/gold leaf photographs are absolutely classic. The gold is brushed over a platinum print done on vellum and brings out a new drama to the contrast in the photos. Mostly utilizing nature as a subject, the prints are small treasures.


Dan Burkholder, 'Pumpkins on Church Steps,' platinum/palladium over gold leaf print

Dan Burkholder, 'Road on Moor, Scotland,' platiunum/palladium on gold leaf print

Aaron Reichert is a native New Orleans resident working with portraiture of traditional figures in a very active, vibrant manner. He strips them of vanity and sticks to black and white.


Aaron Reichert, 'Abraham Lincoln, study,' 48x30in, 2008

Aaron Reichert, 'Abraham Lincoln,' 2010, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 in

Aaron Reichert, 'Portrait of Elvis Presley with African Grey Parrot,' 2010, Acrylic on Canvas, 48"x60"

Part two, three and probably four on the way!


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