Contemporaneous Extension

(im)Patiently Waiting

I’m feeling very scatterbrained as of late anticipating my next professional move (as can be seen by the abundance of posts, and thus time searching the world). Autumn is always a whirlwind, imbued with more than enough visual stimulation. In my search for things to do in San Francisco (I’m counting down the two weeks until I arrive!), my bursting enthusiasm has led me astray to some of the wonders of the interweb.

Hip-hop lyricists and their literary doppelgangers: a gem of a comparison, although there are some slip-ups apparently (a very knowledgeable source tells me that Doom is actually most influenced by Burroughs, although he is linked with ODB in the piece).

Act da Fool: Proenza Schouler’s collabo with Harmony Korine is a brilliant collection of visual prowess. Its everything I love about Korine: hazy scenery, innate juvenile agitation, and the ‘fuck it’ attitude are a marvel.

Jessica Labatte: Photographer found in the Hyde Street Gallery in San Fran. Her color and grade are so lush, and she’s ballsy enough to do centrally composed photography. She also uses lots of weird props and crops, they’re delicious.

'Green Spectrum,' 2009, archival inkjet print. 25 x 20 inches

'Green Spectrum,' 2009, archival inkjet print. 25 x 20 inches

Good dancing vs. bad dancing: BBC’s Nick Neave study of good dance moves by the male species, moves that are most attractive, and those that are not. Entertaining to say the least.


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