Contemporaneous Extension

Czech throwbacks

I spent 6months in Prague two years ago with a study abroad program when I was in attendance at NYU. The time there really changed my life and forced quite a bit of introspection and even psychosomatic disorientation. I found solace in Veletržní palác and House of the Black Madonna, two branches of Prague’s National Gallery (there are eight different outposts for various amalgamations of the city’s collection). The House of the Black Madonna focused on Czech Cubism, while the Veletržní palác displayed Czech and foreign art from the last two centuries. It provided a new perspective for me, housing works that I’d definitely never seen and could not even find online when I searched upon my arrival back in the U.S. Thankfully I became quite obsessive and dire in my last month in the Czech Republic, and will gladly be a reliable source for these images.

# 'The Sleeper,' Josef Lada, (1936). Enlarged copy of a drawing for České slovo at a 5:1 ratio

'Moonlit Night,' Emil Nolde (1914). Oil on Canvas, Batliner Collection; Albertina, Vienna.

'Mother with a Child,' Candido Portinari (1947). Oil on Canvas.

'Still Life,' Antonín Procházka (1914-15).

Human Misery IV,' Alfred Kubin (1914).

Anxiety,' Otto Gutfreund

'Handshake,' Toyen (1934). Oil on Canvas.

'Landscape with Nests,' František Janoušek (1936). Oil on Canvas.

'The Red Flower,' Karel Šlenger (1941). Oil, plaster, mixed media, jute.

'Miraculous Mother I,' Mikuláš Medek (1948). Oil on Canvas.

'The Umbrella Maker's Family,' Bohumir Matal (1947). Oil, Masonite

'In the Tram,' Jan Kotik (1943). Oil on Canvas.

'(Landscape and the Moon),' Karel Černý (1945). Oil on Canvas.

'Portrait of a Blind Young Man,' Jiří Valenta (1965-66). Acronex - synthetic enamel, hardboard.

'Childhood,' V. V. Modrý (1962). Tempera on Canvas.

'Sculpture for the Wind,' Stanislav Kolibal (1966). Plaster, wire.

'Beige Whirling Woman,' Jiří Načeradský (1996). Acrylic, canvas

'Woman - Chicken,' Jiří Načeradský (1980). Acrylic paint on Canvas.

'Woman,' Al Hansen (1960s). Collage (cigarette butts) on paper.

'Cosmic Spring I,' František Kupka (1913-14). Oil on Canvas.

'Sprouting (Swirling),' František Kupka (1923). Oil on canvas.

'Colour Planes. Winter Recollection,' František Kupka (1913-23). Oil on Canvas.

'Head of Viki,' Otto Gutfreund (1912-13). Bronze.

'Church at Camaret,' Jan Zrzavý (1927). Oil on Canvas.

Hans Spiess, Knights Staircase in Prague Castle

The Surrealist movement and the intricacies of Gothic architecture throughout Prague in its various incarnations throughout the last 500 years won me over. Can’t wait to go back (or find some Czech artists to revel in my adoration for their country)!


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